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From the most rudimentary necessities such as proofreading and composing memos, mass email and business letters to dynamic PowerPoint presentations, persuasive white papers, Vibrant Internet Marketing creates professional, attention-grabbing communication that will galvanize readers into action. 

Business Writing - Letters, Ebooks, Technical, Grants, Etc.

Experienced Technical Writer

More than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation including both print and online deliverables. Experience creating manuals, software data procedure "how-to" and protocol for internal use, installation guides, end user manuals, administrative manuals and online help systems.


Grant Writing

Over 20 years of extensive experience writing and implementing grants from a variety of funding sources ensures your grant will have competitive edge.  Whether you need a comprehensive, well-written grant proposal or a letter of inquiry. You can count on us to make sure your proposal stands out from the rest!


Internal Assessment

Implementation of quality management practices requires assessment of the productivity and performance of your organization. Every business or non-profit needs to keep the pulse of its financial efficiency. Assessing the perceptions and effectiveness of employees, management, directors and associates helps you determine human resource, marketing, management, leadership, strategic planning and other organizational process areas and gives you the information you need to make necessary improvements.


External Assessment

Data is a powerful tool for your organization. Internal data combined with market research, community demographics and other relevant information can produce vital information that can make a difference when assessing trends, making future projections, and making strategic decisions. We can help you design and create the most relevant reports for your organization.



What is the relationship between customer satisfaction and financial performance of your organization? Feedback from consumer groups is critical information for sustainability of your organization. We are able to help you research, design and implement an effective evaluation plan that requires limited time yet yields results.


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