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Introduction to Social Media Marketing for business: Key Strategies for Success

Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Business Key Strategies for Success

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 ~ Vena Jensen, Social Media Coach, Vibrant Internet Marketing

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10 Big Ideas Every Business Should Know About Social Media Marketing
This guide is a compilation of the ten most commonly asked questions by businesses when starting out with their first social media marketing campaign.
10 Big Ideas Every Business Owner Should
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20 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page
Here are 20 proven ways to increase Facebook fans for your business page.
20 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page.pd
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28 Types of Marketing Promotions
Lists 28 types of promotions marketers use. Includes whether promotions can be used online, offline and/or with social media tactics.
Types of Marketing Promotions Overview.p
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Twitter Success Plan and Checklist
Here is a strategy and checklist for taming the Twitter time beast. Can be applied to any social media platform, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Twitter Success Plan and Checklist.pdf
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How Much Does Social Media Cost Companies?
How much should you expect to pay consultants and agencies for basic social media marketing services?
How Much Does Social Media Cost Companie
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Vibrant Website Audit
Here is a website review form you can refer to. Have any questions? Please contact us!
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Organic Marketing
The next level of marketing is about how to invite people to join you in your love for whatever it is you offer.
Organic Marketing.pdf
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Where to Find FREE Stock Images
Great list of where to find FREE stock images online!
Vibrant HANDOUT 27 Free Stock Photos Sit
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