How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

You have more to do than can reasonably get done, and yet you know the success of your business depends on marketing. Afterall, you won’t gain more customers and increase your bottomline if your target market doesn’t know you exist!


You’ve been wasting – er, I mean spending - time trying to engage with potential customers on social media, but you don’t feel you’re getting any return on your investment of time. You’re frustrated because it seems there’s always more to do – and more to learn – at every twist and turn.


Still, you need to get more customers in your door. Maybe it’s time to bring in the calvary!


Take a deep breath and let it out. Relax those tired muscles. And think for a minute.


What is the value to your business of hiring and expert digital marketer that can handle the mundane, routine tasks of marketing online, giving you time to focus on higher level things that will grow your business and increase your revenue?


It’s time to let go and let a customer acquisition expert get the ball rolling and increase your sales.


OK, you decide. Let’s do this!


What’s next?


You can always contact me right here and I’ll walk you through the next part. Or, you can prepare a bit before you reach out. You will need to have:


1. A basic understanding of the overall strategy you want to use

Before you hire a digital marketing virtual assistant, you will need to understand the overarching strategy of what needs to get done. What is your overall marketing plan and how does digital marketing fit into that plan. Don’t have a marketing plan or strategy? We can help!


2. A basic idea of what you want things to look like

You need to understand the core elements of the tasks you are outsourcing so you can share specific examples of what you’d like done. For example, there are many ways to grow an Instagram account. Your Vibrant Digital VA will want some ideas of what you’d like the feed to look like and what types of captions you like used.


3. Time to meet on a regular basis

Digital marketers are pretty savvy when it comes to online marketing, but we aren’t mind readers. You are going to need to spend some time, especially during the first 6 months, going over deliverables like your editorial calendar, content and graphics.


The moment you hire a digital marketing VA, your productivity will soar and your business will start to grow.


Ready to start outsourcing your marketing today?


Contact us here!



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