How Can a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Help Grow My Business?

Small businesses need to be strategic in their approach to the development of their business.


You can’t do everything – and you shouldn’t.


A VA can reduce your cost of business because you don’t have to hire an employee and pay benefits. And you don’t have to pay for wi-fi, power, rent and equipment. A VA can save you as much as 40 percent in business expenses. These savings can be realigned to other needs within your business, such as digital advertising.


A VA can help you scale your business by taking marketing off your plate so you can focus on other, more pertinent, aspects of your business. You don’t need to train a Vibrant Digital VA; we are experts at marketing online.


Digital VAs will help you stay organized. With so much work on your plate, organization often takes a backseat to more essential tasks. Being organized will improve productivity and, in turn, the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


Vibrant Digital VAs have specialized, technical skills to accommodate demand across a wide spectrum of digital marketing services. We offer services in the following areas: 

  • Marketing strategy
    • website audit
    • social media audit
    • target audience research
    • branding strategy
    • brand copywriting
    • written strategy and planning
    • editorial calendar
  • Social media marketing
    • dedicated account manager
    • online dashboard
    • management of social networking platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube, Snapchat and more!)
    • Targeted lead generation
    • reputation monitoring and management
    • customer service
    • promotions (contests, coupons, discounts, giveaways, etc.)
    • website and/or blog management and promotion
    • social channel set-up and optimization
    • social monitoring (i.e. listening)
    • analytical metric reports with recommendations
  • Content Marketing
    • Blogging
    • Email marketing
    • White papers, ebooks, case studies, reports, etc.
    • landing pages (also called squeeze pages)
    • video marketing
    • website copy
    • any type of web copywriting
  • Graphic design
    • blog banners
    • social media cover banners
    • social media posting art for all channels
    • graphics for online advertising and promotions
    • infographics
    • any type of graphics for web use
  • Online (display) advertising
    • Facebook ads
    • Google Adwords
    • Advertising on any social channel
  • Video marketing
    • Animated videos and Gifs
    • Powerpoint videos
    • Explainer videos
    • Work with local videographer
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • link building
    • technical SEO
    • keyword research
    • rank tracking
    • content optimization
    • backlink analysis
    • and more!

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