Is Digital Marketing Cost Effective for Small Business?

Digital marketing is very cost effective if you have a strategy.


There are so many assets and tactical possibilities that no one business can – or should – try to do it all. Your best bet is to think strategically, start small and build your digital marketing program over time for the best return on investment.






An effective digital marketing campaign is like a combination bike lock - if all of the numbers aren't in alignment, the lock won't work.

It's the same with a digital marketing campaign. You really need all of the parts for your campaign to gain a positive ROI.


At a minimum, your business will need:

  • a strategy so you are focusing your investment in the right direction.
  • a plan that includes timelines, editorial calendar and measurable objectives.
  • a website where prospective customers can learn about your business
  • content that educates and delights your audience, 
  • a blog with relevant information that interests your audience
  • other types of media - infographics, .pdf downloads, videos, etc.
  • email autoresponder and drip campaign to garner subscribers
  • email marketing campaign that builds your relationship with your audience
  • social media channels to distribute content, engage with your audience and attract prospective customers to your website
  • graphics to attract your audience
  • search engine optmization (SEO) to help your business get found online
  • online advertising to get your business seen by as many potential customers as possible

All of these marketing elements work together to get you the best return on your marketing investment.


Hiring digital marketing VAs are a good investment in your business. Vibrant Digital Marketing VAs will take good care of the marketing for your business. When you hire a Vibrant Digital VA you get a marketing professional for the fraction of the cost of an expensive marketing firm. We offer:

  • access to seasoned experts (US-based, educated, trained VAs)
  • latest, cutting-edge technology
  • keep marketing costs to a minimum
  • your involvement to the degree that is comfortable for you
  • marketing consistency and continuity
  • marking that helps your prospective customers realize the strengths of your business and what makes your business special

You have built your business by offering top-quality products and/or services to customers who want what you have to offer. When you outsource your digital marketing to Vibrant Digital VA, you'll be able to keep your focus on what it was that made you successful in the first place. With trained VAs handling your marketing for you, you'll have more time and attention for your day-to-day operations, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house or having to manage it all by yourself.


Want to chat with us about your marketing needs? Feel free to contact us - we're only a phone call or email away!


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