10 Daily Habits for Social Media Marketing Success

Social Media Marketing Made Easy
Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Once you've made the effort to reduce the petty annoyances that were once cluttering the landscape of your worklife, it's time to build a strong foundation for your social media marketing program.


The place to start is, of course, with a social media audit and marketing plan


Once you have developed your road map you can start your implementation phase.


There are ten basic activities that, if implemented daily, will build momentum for your online presence. Select three fifteen-minute time segments that you can spend online. Ideal time-segments are 1) early morning, 2) before lunch and 3) evenings.  Evenings are the most popular Facebook time.

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During each time segment complete the following activities:

Tweet three current interesting items.

Tweet your most current blog post and use Google Alerts and Google Reader / Outlook RSS Feeds (or your email program) for fresh information in your field.

Time Used: 1 minute per tweet = 3 minutes.

Respond to any Direct Messages, Mentions or Retweets in Twitter.

Twitter etiquette dictates that you ALWAYS acknowledge direct messages, mentions, retweets or other Twitter acts of kindness.

Time Used: 30 seconds

Retweet three interesting tweets from your tweeps. 

Use Twitter Lists to help you find great tweets.

Time Used: 30 seconds to run list + 30 seconds per retweet = 2 mintues

Follow three people in Twitter.

Use Twitter "Who To Follow" feature to find new people to follow in Twitter. Use "Refresh" feature until you find suitable profiles.

Time Used: 30 seconds

Post your new blog article or one new interesting post in Facebook.

Write an interesting comment explaining why you chose this post. Add a photo, video or other multi-media item to increase interest.

Time Used: 2 minutes

Reply to previous comments or posts from Facebook Fans.

Keep the conversation flowing.

Time Used: 2 minutes

Like one new Page related to your field.

Use Facebook Search to find the Page. Leave a quick comment to let your new Page know you were there.

Time Used: 1 minute

Post your latest blog or new interesting post to LinkedIn.

Post to your groups if relevant.

Time Used: 2 minutes

Add a new connection in LinkedIn.

Use Groups or People You May Know features to find suitable connections.

Time Used: 1 minute

Upload to either Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Picasa or another multi-media platform.

It's best to do this to a different platform each time segment.

Time Used: 1 minute

Completing these ten habits three times a day will give you a strong base from which to build a strong, robust social media marketing campaign. Of course, there are lots of activities that can (and should) be added to this basic foundation. Here are a few obvious ones:


Foursquare management and check-ins


Updating your website.

Sound off! Do you agree with this list? What would you add or subtract?

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

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